Buena Vista
Olive Oil

In 2012, beautiful, mature olive trees were transplanted from Woodlake, in the Porterville area of California’s San Joaquin Valley, to Bakersfield, 50 miles south. With his love of the land and healthy cuisine, Darcy Marshall was nurturing what would become a new business bringing benefits to thousands of families in our agricultural community and far beyond.

His olive trees became a source of food, light, and health, not only for the students of the Edible Schoolyard Kern County but also for the community. Each year Mr. Marshall harvests and presses the olives that are hand-picked. He named the bounty of his harvests Buena Vista Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Buena Vista Extra Virgin Olive Oil has taken first place at the Kern County Fair since 2015.

Buena Vista Edible Schoolyard Extra Virgin Olive Oil is fresh, locally produced olive oil that is robust, aromatic, and full of rich flavor. This 100% extra virgin olive oil is certified by the California Olive Oil Council and is pressed in small batches resulting in a peppery and authentic taste that cannot be compared!

The 350 olive trees and the edible schoolyard they surround are intimately linked in the lives of Kern County families of all economic conditions and culinary talents. Mr. Marshall donates the finished extra virgin olive oil to the Edible Schoolyard Kern County  for use in our kitchen classrooms and purchase by our community.

Buena Vista Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect for enjoying over a slice of freshly baked bread, in a creamy vinaigrette, or in hearty dishes.

You can purchase Buena Vista Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Lassen’s Natural Foods and Vitamins, Bratcher Home & Design Studio, Archer the Storefront and other local retailers in Bakersfield, California.

For more information on Buena Vista Olive Oil, including wholesale opportunities, call (661) 241-7033.